Starting over with a fresh, new blog!

 It is November 23, 2022. The day before Thanksgiving.

Today, I discovered that my old blogs have been terminated by Blogspot/Google. I made this discovery while updating my Linktree page and saw that my blog no longer loaded when I clicked on the link. As much as I lament losing 18 years of content, I am actually fine with it. This gives me a chance to start over. Fresh and clean. 

The reason why I was updating my LinkTree page was that I wanted to add a link to my new HIVE Social profile. I signed up for the service as a precautionary move in the off chance that Twitter implodes after the company fired many of their engineers. I'm not leaving Twitter completely though. I've been on that platform since November 2007. That's 15 years of tweeting nonesense with the Blue Bird.

Hive Social is a very young social media platform and while it does seem to be the perfect blend of Instagram and Twitter, their Android app is slow compared to their iOS app. Plus, Hive doesn't have web interface yet. So, you have to use a smart phone to be on their platform.  Until the user experience the same on both platform and a web interface is created, it's a hard sell to many people. On the flip side, a lot of users have migrated to using Mastodon but I found their onboarding process to be tedious and confusing. 

Well, that's it for now. I'll post again soon. 


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